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The Couloir Legacy- 2.0

Hooray generation two! We've got past 1/10th of this Legacy, and that's more than I can say for a lot of other projects I've tried to start!

In case you didn't come back to vote (shaaaaammmme!) or see who won the heir poll, THIS is your chosen heir, winning 75% of the votes:

Oui, C'est Amaranth. Although Cerise got one vote (I know who voted for Cerise, and although it was admirable to be different,) the poor girl didn't really stand a chance. :(  Not to say Amaranth isn't still stunningly gorgeous though-

Before we follow Amaranth's saga to find a man, I think we should take a look at the other siblings before we eventually ship them off. Particularily Thulian.

Yes, Thulain, that could have been your father. Oh, wait a minute, maybe he's staring at the teenage girl in the green leopard-print shirt...?

Regardless, he starts playing for tips. By now we've got most of the household getting income and the money situation is pretty good,  but it never hurts to have a little more cash.

The teenage girl watches him play. Judging by the look on her face, I'm thinking that she's thinking he's quite the heartthrob. 0_o

Oh, for christ's sake, Xavier. -_- Looks like he did turn out a mess after Raven left him out to dry.

Anyways, Thulian decides to be nice to the little girl and shake her hand. I don't think he cares too much, though.

I think you might have your own number one fan, there, Thulian.

Either way, he gets bored, and heads to a nightclub- I believe this one is the Grind.

I was hoping to maybe have him meet a girlfriend there, but no such luck. Instead he just kinda stands around, orders some onion rings and leaves. He gets up the next morning to go to his second day of work as a fan.

Meanwhile, Horatio MASTERS the Mixology skill! Yay!

He and Raven like to celebrate with face-nomming and woohoo's.

Later that day, Thulian leaves work (after being promoted to a Roadie), and guess who he sees?

.............. 0_o How does she know where he works?

....I don't think she realizes that she's a wee bit young for him...

Funny enough, Thulian also ends up meeting her twin sister (yeah, she has a twin). She seems nice enough and not creepy.

Btw, I think this is Raven's drunk face. Just saying.

After-dinner game of catch! =D Don't ask me how either of them ended up with a ball.

I check out the theatre again, and there she is. 0_0 This is getting serious. at least this was Thulian's day off.

Well, it's been long enough, Amaranth really needs to find a husband before she's too old. I send her and Raven on a mother'daughter trip to Aquarius. And, for SOME reason, Raven, as a two-star celebrity could get in, while Amaranth, a three-star celebrity, couldn't get in even if she BRIBED the bouncer. WTF.

Raven still had a good time on her own, though. She blew bubbles...um...out her nose.

Charming, really.

I interrupt this night out to bring you Cerise making a floor hygienator! Because it's awsome!

Amaranth leaves the dance club to go find some people's houses. Nobody seems to be out in public, so apartments are really the only other place to look. She checks out this one apartment, to find this guy:

He's a first-generation Bridgport person, and I would avoid that, but we really don't have that many options here; story progression must be sucking, else there would have been more babies born who turned into young adults by now. -_-

Regardless, she says hi. He's a vampire, which probably explains why he's not all that old yet. In case you didn't  notice, this is Richie Striker, btw.

Unfortunately, he's the married striker. Crap. I hoped he was the other Striker brother. Oh well; I'll be damned if I'm breaking up any marriages. Amaranth is not a homewrecker.

They become friends anyways. What the hell.

Thulian also goes out and about. He plays guitar at the Prosper Room, and captures the attention of this young (?) lady:

Honestly, I've been thinking for a long time now that big boobs are a requirement for working in any bar/club/lounge. I have yet to see a female bartender, bouncer, or pianist that ISN'T busty enough to rival Pamela Anderson.

And yes, btw, that is Thulian's formal wear. Pretty awsome, right?

Just as well, Raven gets a promotion- To Lead Actress! =D She gets to ride in a limo now. One step away from reaching her LTW!

Speaking of promotions, Thulian was promoted to Stagehand!

...And creepy stalker girl waits for him outside work again. WTF???

.....She even follows him home....*facepalm*. REALLY?!?

-_- I don't even know. Apparently someone invited her inside for dinner. So I'll leave you with that.  Horatio looks like he's conversing with her...maybe it was him. The jerk.

Next time:  Will Amaranth find a potential husband? Will Raven and/or Horatio achieve their LTWs before going into elderhood? Will creepy stalker girl leave Britney Thulian alone? Stay tuned!


Cut?? ;D
Nice chapter! and question: I'm just curious how people do their sims, but how much do you just let your sims do whatever?


Well, I can't really speak for other simmers, but personally, I only let my sims do whatever if they're taking care of their basic needs (ie. cooking food, taking a shower, using the toilet) or caring for a baby/toddler. Apart from that, I usually tell them what to do and where to go. Of course, I still take into account their wants and LTWs. ;)