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The Couloir Legacy- 3.0

  In case you missed the last little post I posted on the blog, Ruby was the winner of the heir poll and will be the next heir to the Couloir legacy.

 Also, I said I would post a couple of things for people who voted. Surprisingly (to me, at least), only a couple of people took the incentive. But nonetheless, I'm happy to reward participation in heir polls! Firstly, if you have time, check out Idhummingbird's sim legacy; I seem to be having trouble finding a link again, so I'll have to post it next chapter. If you're able to find it yourself, it's just on her blog.

  Secondly, one other person asked for a picture. They requested one of Cerise and her husband, and they told me to put it up on the next chapter instead of send it privately to them. So, here you all are: Kind of a family portrait of Cerise and her sperm blossoms children and baby daddy husband.

  Now, onto the Chapter!

  Oddly enough, After I came back to the Couloir household (I had to briefly go to Cerise's to take that picture), Scarlet had not only gotten a job as a stylist, but was a LEVEL 8 stylist. -.-" I have to be very careful with that story progression. It seems to enjoy screwing things over. Either way, she gives the maid, Joelle Downing, a makeover. And believe me, she looks a HELL of a lot better now. Plus her hair isn't that gross brown-blonde colour that looks somewhat green.

Also, this happened -_-:

Here she is, the little larva:

Now onto our regularly schedueled program: Scarlet took Ruby out to the Grind, either to celebrate her becoming heir or to try and get some celebrity points. Seeing as Scarlet's chatting up the nearest peice of man-candy, I'm guessing it's the latter.

Yes, leave your teenage sister to get some drinks while you try to mooch off of Mr. Altman-Fresco's celebrity status. Sounds like a plan to me.

Ruby, what are you doing?

Don't eat that.

...Scarlet took her home after that.

   Where she promptly crashed.

...And Scarlet went to bed in her sexy lingerie.

I should also mention that (somewhat) regrettably, this happened:

Cerise is now a widow. With THREE children, no less, two kids and a baby/toddler. Hopefully she'll still be at the birthday party today, though...>.>

And hopefully Scarlet and Ruby will be up before too long, because today happens to be Amaranth's birthday.

Ah, what a beautiful woman. It makes me sad that she'll be getting old and not as gorgeous. :(

All of her kids are there. And her husband. And Thulian. Why is Thulian an elder already, you ask? ...Hell if I know. -_-+ Grr.

Oh yes, and Cerise, too! With her normal hair! =D

By GOD, isn't she just the most beautiful elder you've ever seen?
*pride in sim breeding abilities*

Right after fixing up her appearance, Amaranth goes to comfort her younger sister. Poor Cerise. You were never meant for the life you're living. :(

After the party ends, I see this in the top-right corner of my screen:


I think these two just may be the most adorable old couple I've ever seen. I am physically incapable of getting over how sweet they are.


Scarlet is setting an excellent example for her still-teenage sister.

Excellent. -.-"

Father-son bonding breakfast time! =D

Amaranth goes to see Cerise and her children after a day or two. They've never actually met yet.

Good times.

Oh, Sebastian, you're so handy.

Ooh, Scarlet, what are you up to? Looks like she's got a new target ;) And he's still a young adult, too 0_0 Vampires, eh?

I have them go on a date and this is what happens.
Don't trust taxi drivers in Bridgeport.

Mmm, fancy.

"You have an expensive car. I find that incredibly attractive about you."
I'm sure she does.

Next up, BIRTHDAY TIME!!! =D the twins are aging into Young Adults, which means Ruby will be able to go out and find herself a husband.......or even more booze and parties...0_o Oh, lord.

Rose is up first (since she is technically the older twin).

*proud father*

I let Rose keep her bob, but chose one that was cut-down a little, and a little better-looking in my opinion.

Ruby's turn!

Scarlet is pleased that she will no longer be responsible for her sister's behaviour.

Sparkles away!

Damn, she sure grew up well.

Oh, Master Romancer... WONDERFUL. >.<  She's a family girl if I ever saw one.

In case you're wondering who that heavier woman was up there, That was Kesha. Why is she at this party?

-.- Apparently they were dating, and Thulian knocked her up and now he's a father. Although he doesn't live with his daughter and girlfriend. Now All of the Second Generation kids have children of their own. Funny enough, none of Cerise's children have her pink hair. Maybe Thulian's daughter will inherit the pink locks.

Speaking of GGeneration pink and their children, Cerise came too! ^_^ and one of her daughters, as well. Suzanna, to be exact.

Also, Amaranth was playing the bass in the living room. In an astronaut suit. With a party FX machine.

...and strobe light. What is this, a David Bowie music video?

Mmm, cake.

Unofrtunately, as Ruby has grown into a young adult, it means it's time for Crimson to move out.

Oh my crap I can't even tell you how sad I am right now. :( I am so incredibly depressed.

Soon after, Ruby celebrates her legality with a drink or two at Waylon's Haunt.

The activity in the bar is kind of non-existant, so Ruby decides to try and liven it up a little... but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Rose is working on something more wholesome- her writing skill. She actually gets to level three pretty quickly- that bookworm trait is really making her a natural.

Just as well, Scarlet calls up her Beau (LOLpun) for another date...

...Which he actually stands her up for. -_-"

Ruby to the rescue, I suppose. Not like she'll be of any help, though...>.>

Unfortunately, Ruby gets in a little too late, and just as she orders a drink, it's closing time. Scarlet heads home, but where does Ruby go? Well after wandering around town for a bit, she finds an apartment building with a pool and a hot tub- and... she...

...yes. -_-

(don't mind the hair, it's CC so it changes when nudity is required.)

Well, now that you have a preview of what Ruby's reign as heir will be like (ugghh...>.>), I will leave you now with Amaranth picking up an award at the theatre. She's on her way to completing her LTW, only one promotion left to go!

Next time: Will Ruby find a man? Will she find several? Will Scarlet get any closer to reaching her LTW of being a five-star celebrity worth a ridiculous amount of money? How will Rose fare writing her first novel?

P.S. I'm very sorry about the delay; I know I said Friday to Tuesday, but the internet connection up here was regrettably... wierd. It was good for a day or two, then it was super slow, then it was kind of blinking in and out between working and being a D-bag. But regardless, I hope you don't mind the hold-up too much.