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Jun. 5th, 2014

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The Couloir Legacy - Generation Five Heir Poll

  I get the impression that no one really reads this legacy anymore. Mind you, I'm not surprised, considering my update history. Disappointing, but not exactly surprising.

  I'm still continuing the legacy, though I won't have enough room to keep posting the entire thing on this blog. However, I do still need a way to determine the heirs for each generation... so I may still post heir polls on here, on the off chance people will still be inclined to vote.

  If there aren't too many votes on these polls, I will likely post two different polls in two different places and add the results together.

  Without further ado, here are the candidates for the yellow generation. the poll should be near the bottom of the entry.


  Citrine is the oldest child of Coral and Terrance- she inherited her father's life state, and is a werewolf. She takes after her mother quite a bit in appearance, as you can see. While on a family trip to France, she discovered her passion for wine-making, and decided that that was the direction in which she wanted to take her life. Once she grew into an adult, she immediately registered as a self-employed wine maker. She's a bit of a hippie.


  Saffron is the second daughter of Coral and Terrance- she is also a werewolf. She takes after her father in appearance. Saffron discovered martial arts while on a family trip to China. She remained at the Phoenix Martial Arts Academy for (almost) the entire vacation, gaining three levels while there. She's spent every moment she can training to achieve the rank of Grand Master- before too long, she'll be heading back to China to challenge the current Grand Master.


  Jonquil is the youngest daughter of Coral and Terrance. Unlike her sisters, she is not a werewolf- though she is virtually a spitting image of her older sister, Saffron. Jonquil doesn't have a career goal or a life passion like her sisters do- however, her LTW is to be surrounded by family. Jonquil is a big sweetheart- she loves her family, and she is best friends with her (second? once removed...? something?) cousin, Noel. You may remember Noel- he is the son of Janelle, Scarlet's daughter. Jonquil's mother and Noel's mother are best friends, as well, if you remember.


  So... the girls have been introduced and the options presented. Only one can continue the legacy.

  Who will you vote for?

Poll #1970782 The Couloir Legacy - Yellow Heir Poll
This poll is closed.

Who should continue the Couloir Legacy?


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